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Race Results / Standings
Name Cumlative
Minchew, Rex 320
Harvey, Steve 160
Halford, Lewis 20

Name   Cumlative
Minchew, Chris 630
Williams, Jay B. 490
Morris, Clifford 430
Freeman, Kenneth (Flash) 350
McKinney, Mark 280
Green, Jerry 220
Minchew, Betty Sue 200
Seay, Phillip 180
Fountain, Nick 160
Porter, Tommy M. 130
Tackett, Clifford 120
Camaille, Edward 100
Bonner, Robert 70
Williams, Kevin 60
Alexander, Holly 60
Nicholson, Floyd 40
Collins, Frank 20
Stephens, Randy 20
Jordan, Roy 20

Super Pro
No - Electronics
Name Cumlative
Buneo, Ricky 110
Holland, Robert 50
Full Point Standings
No-E Moto
Name Cumlative
Benoit, Kenzic 490
Mckinney, Ryan 450
Dison, Morgan 110
Barnhill, Jessica 80
Bueno, Ricky Jr. 80
Bailey, Jessie 20
Name Cumlative
Miller, Tanner 190
Elliott, Tim 130
Jr. Drag
Trophy Street


Payout Schedule

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